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HexBin Converter is a tool to convert numbers between decimal, binary and hexadecimal format.

This application allows a fast conversation of numbers between decimal, binary and hexadecimal representation. Numbers can be entered in any of these formats. They are immediately converted in both other formats and shown in the text fields.

It's also possible to execute logical operations on the numbers, for example to combine two numbers by an AND or OR operator. Bits of the binary representation can be shifted left and right.

The numbers can be limited to usual sizes used by computers: 64, 32, 16 and 8 bits.

You can enter the numbers in any format or copy/paste a number to and from the system clipboard. Characters, which are not allowed for a certain format, are skipped and ignored during user input or paste from clipboard. Valid characters are:

The application also contains an Ascii table to quickly lookup the byte codes of characters.

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